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The most advanced air freight sourcing engine. Period!


Quick spot quotes from 100+ airlines


Any cargo type & 600+ destinations


High-Impact Customer Support Squad

Customer Reviews

Since we started Pelicargo service, our profit has increased x 3 and the amount of our shipments has increased by 50%. On several shipments, we have been able to save 60% - 80 % of air freight cost!

Adrian Lara

Air Department, Arc Air Logistics, Inc

Pelicargo is an advanced platform that sources us not only our carrier rates, service levels, and routing but also spot quotes for high profile shipments. Just as important, it’s the people behind the technology, experienced professionals who are success-centric and view us as their partners, not a customer. With the support of Pelicargo, within 6 months we are quoting 90% more air freight shipments without adding resources!

Kasra Ferasat

Managing Director, SHIPIT Logistics

PELICARGO has been an outstanding addition to our operational toolbox, and our team absolutely loves it. Being able to dissect various airline routes in detail while simultaneously reviewing multiple airline rate options really helps streamline our quoting process. PELICARGO Engine also offers a smooth user interface, providing a seamless and expert quoting experience. Additionally, along with their system, you get to work with their team of highly trained professionals who are always ready to take your air freight business to the next level.

Chris Gonzalez

Air Exports Manager, Limco Logistics Inc.

Pelicargo's incredible service saves time on rate research, letting us focus on more business opportunities.

Ms. Jen Van Der Ploeg

Global Operations Specialist, Seacoast Logistics Inc.

The Pelicargo digital concierge service is unique as it combines technology with air freight expertise. Their experienced team provides us with extra resources and offers proactive solutions to allow us to quote and win more business without having to expand our footprint

Raquel Tapia

Business Development Manager, Titan Worldwide

For Freight Forwarders

Access the most competitive rates with streamlined, smarter air cargo procurement technology

For Airlines

Pelicargo allows you to perfectly align cargo capacity, load requirements, and pricing, where and when needed.


Expand Profit, Save Time, Retain Shippers

Profitable Bookings

Secure more bookings at better margins.

Less Work For You

Automate manual processes and tedious communications for fast, frustration-free access to great rates and new business.

We Are Real People

Our team is from the industry and has been in the game for 30+ years. We work as an extension of your team.

Pelicargo is your
dedicated air freight partner

Pelicargo is your dedicated air freight partner

Enable growth strategies for freight forwarders

Tirelessly shop for profitable rates

Book cargo fast and accurately

Ensure end-to-end shipment success


Why Pelicargo Stands Out

Tailored for the Experts

Designed with insights from experienced forwarders, Pelicargo offers a tool for seasoned professionals.

Beyond Just Rates

Our personalized customer support sets us apart.  Our team is not just about numbers; we're about people and cargo.

Intuitive and User-Friendly

Say goodbye to clunky interfaces: Pelicargo's platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, saving you time and hassle.

Tailored Solutions

No two shipments are the same: that's why we offer tailored solutions and rates, ensuring that your specific needs are met every time.

Unmatched Reliability

In the fast-paced world of freight forwarding, reliability is key. Pelicargo is your platform for efficient and accurate service.

Unlock Efficiency, Skyrocket Profits, Soar with Pelicargo.

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