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Fill your flights with the right cargo, at the right time.

Every week, thousands of freight forwarders want to book with you, but the deals stall because the price and size don’t match capacity.

We get it – you want to grow and price competitively, but expanding is hard. Your sales capacity is limited. You’re drowning in email and leads. You’re dealing with cancellations and no shows. You fly with extra capacity too often – but confirming that a new shipment is real and properly sized takes time and resources you don’t have.


Get new customers and grow your market share risk and hassle free.


Our forwarders are screened, verified and ready to book – so you can grow your business and expand into new markets, without the risk, hassle, or questionable bookings.

Pelicargo eliminates this friction with a modern and digital marketplace of freight forwarders with verified cargo. We give you fast and frustration free access to new customers and confirmed shipments that otherwise wouldn’t be on your radar. We radically increase awareness of your last minute routes.

All you have to do is submit your flight, and watch as validated cargo rolls in.

Modernize and

streamline your sales experience

Pelicargo’s approach is unlike any other in the market. We equip you with:

Green double couch with wooden legs

Tech to automate the transaction and save time

Green double couch with wooden legs

Intelligence to improve sales outcomes and gain a competitive edge

Green double couch with wooden legs

A team of hands-on industry experts that vet and verify the cargo, confirm rates, expand your sales capacity and establish and strengthen relationships on your behalf.

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See how Pelicargo can support business today

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See how Pelicargo can support business today

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